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Linda’s Clinical Preparation Workshops – LPN to RN – Pass the Excelsior CPNE®

Prep Class Presented by Registered Nurse and Graduate of Excelsior College*

Welcome to our website and LindasCPNEWorkshop.com program where our focus is on the success of our  clients who have been attending Excelsior College nursing school to prepare for, and pass, their Clinical Performance Nursing Exam (CPNE®). We want you to pass the nursing clinical prep exam the first time! We offer a goal oriented Workshop with hands on practice.  Our CPNE Bootcamp workshop will give you everything you need to prep for the CPNEpass on the first attempt. Let us help educate you about the exam process  and help you prepare so your first  attempt ends in success. We want you to go prepared and go confident!

Best Bootcamp CPNE® Prep?

Currently the National Pass Rate for the LPN to RN Exam is only 55%.  You do not want to be in the 45% on Sunday morning.  At the end of our 4  day clinical prep bootcamp workshop you will be  prepared  to be in that 55% who pass the Clinical Performance Nursing Exam for Excelsior College, known as the CPNE® Exam or clinical exam.

Who is the program director running our Workshops?  Linda Jamieson is a hardworking nurse who has participated in the Excelsior College Nursing Program from  start to finish and passed her Excelsior Clinical Nursing Performace Exam. She passed her own exam by creating a training plan that lead her to success.  In 2010 Linda decided to start sharing  her program  by presenting workshops and training programs, for nurses like you.  Linda is confident that her 4 day workshop will lead you to success.*  You will be ready to pass the Nusing Exam after completing one of the LindasCPNEWorkshop.com training sessions. Our workshop schedule conveniently fits in a 4 day weekend as compared to  5-7 day programs offered elsewhere. Read more…


Go prepared and go confident to the Nursing Exam after taking our Michigan Workshop presented by an RN nurse graduate of Excelsior College.

However please note that people have failed the exam for simple things like failure to wash hands. We can provide all of the tools but it is important that you study and practice responsibly.

Please visit our Class Dates Page to view the workshop dates for 2015

*Linda’s Workshop is not affiliated with any college or nursing school in any way*

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