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For 2013 workshop dates please visit our Class Dates. The post below is an old Blog post for 2013.

We are excited to be taking reservations for the 2012 CPNE Workshops. We have custom, personalized weekend workshop dates available to fit your schedule.

My CPNE Workshop program is focused on the success of our LPN clients who have been attending Excelsior College nursing school to prepare for, and pass, their Clinical Performance Nursing Exam (CPNE). We want you to pass the CPNE exam the first time! We offer a goal oriented CPNE Workshop and are determined to ensure that our clients pass the CPNE test on the first try!  Our workshop will give you everything you need to pass with the first attempt. Let us help educate you about the exam process  and help you prepare so your first test attempt ends in success. We want you to go prepared and go confident!