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2017 to 2018 Pass the Clinical Nursing Exam Workshop Dates posted.

Here are the dates we have set for the upcoming  2017 – 2018  Workshops and training to help you pass your Excelsior College CPNE® clinicals and exam.

2017 Workshops

February 10th – February 13th, 2017
March 10th – March 13th, 2017
April 14th – April 17th, 2017
May 12th – May 15th, 2017
June 9th – 12th, 2017
July 14th – 17th, 2017
August 11th – 14th, 2017
September 8th – 11th, 2017
October 13th – 16th, 2017
November 10th – 13th, 2017
December 8th – December 11th, 2017

2018 Workshops

January 12th – January 15th, 2018
February 9th – February 12th, 2018
March 9th – March 12th, 2018
April 13th – April 16th, 2018
May 11th – May 14th, 2018
June 8th – June 11th, 2018
July 13th – July 16th, 2018
August 10th – August 13th, 2018

Please read more about our workshop click here.

Pass the CPNE® Exam – Workshop Dates Announced

Pass The Clinical Workshops Offered Summer 2012!

These WERE the dates for 2012.

Please see our new schedule for the current year on our Dates & Location Page by clicking here.

June 8th – June 11th, 2012
June 22nd – June 24th, 2012
July 6th – July 9th, 2012
July 20th – July 23rd, 2012
August 3rd – August 6th, 2012
August 17th – August 20th, 2012
September 14th – September 17th, 2012
September 28th – October 1st, 2012

*It is possible to plan additional dates based on reservations and the workshop participants schedules and location.

Schedule for Workshop Sessions:

Convenient 4 day weekend CPNE Workshop programs. Check our workshop dates for Michigan  CPNE Workshops in the Great Lakes Area.

Our Great Lakes Area, Michigan based,  CPNE Workshops  conveniently start at 1:00pm  on Friday afternoons to allow you plenty of travel time. We have sessions through the weekend and into Monday morning. Monday afternoon can be used for getting back to your home or work or stick around and enjoy an afternoon along the beautiful Michigan Lake Shore or enjoy exploring the quaint City of Fremont, Michigan where are Workshops take place..

Past Year Schedule See Class Date Page for Current Year Workshops

For 2013 workshop dates please visit our Class Dates. The post below is an old Blog post for 2013.

We are excited to be taking reservations for the 2012 CPNE Workshops. We have custom, personalized weekend workshop dates available to fit your schedule.

My CPNE Workshop program is focused on the success of our LPN clients who have been attending Excelsior College nursing school to prepare for, and pass, their Clinical Performance Nursing Exam (CPNE). We want you to pass the CPNE exam the first time! We offer a goal oriented CPNE Workshop and are determined to ensure that our clients pass the CPNE test on the first try!  Our workshop will give you everything you need to pass with the first attempt. Let us help educate you about the exam process  and help you prepare so your first test attempt ends in success. We want you to go prepared and go confident!



New Pass the CPNE® Exam Workshop Planned

Hi, This is Linda Jamieson, RN.  Years ago I did my schooling at Excelsior and did not pass my CPNE®. Then I got married and had children. In the last few years I brought my education back up to date and participated in two CPNE® workshops, including a very good one in California.  I am starting a program in West Michigan, in the Great Lakes area to help other Excelsior Graduates successfully take the LPN to RN route and pass their CPNE®.