Prepare For The CPNE Exam

So you have taken  The Excelsior College Nurses Program. What’s Next?

Planning ahead for taking your Excelsior College CPNE® Exam is very important.  It can be a very stressful time.  Don’t go into it with blinders on, be prepared, be focused and be ready. As graduates of Excelsior College School of Nursing we are here to teach you a way to study, prepare and focus that will help you pass the Excelsior exam and clinicals and hopefully be less stressed during our your exam weekend.

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling then to walk out of your CPNE® test on Sunday with a pass certificate in your hand. You can do it and we are here to help you achieve your goal by preparing your for the CPNE ®test. Take our Workshop and you will be able to prepare with our Workshop Tips,  Study Guide and a Video which includes the critical elements and practice skills testing that you need to go prepared and go confident that you will pass your Certified Performance Nursing Examination. Our program was designed by an alumni of the Excelsior College LPN to RN Nursing degree.  Her name is Linda Jamieson. Linda participated in two CPNE Workshops for RN’s provided by other people or companies. After taking those classes she also developed her own training program and study guide which she knows guaranteed her success. Linda is now a working nurse with a desire to help other LPN’s successfully pass their CPNE® exam.

Read more in our CPNE Cliff Notes Blog.

Schedule yourself for one of our CPNE Workshop Prep Classes and you will be prepared and ready to pass your CPNE; that is the prep advantage and our promise.

Disclaimer: The CPNE Workshop of Michigan is not affiliated with E xcelsior College (EC). Students are advised to contact EC Directly with any concerns or eligibility requirements of their proposed degree. Visit for contact information.

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