What Our Students Say

After completing Linda’s Workshop our students say that absolutely feel better prepared for the Clinical Performance Nursing Exam. The tell us that they are very comfortable that they received enough hand-on practice to make them feel ready to take the exam.  They find the study guide, provided with the clinical workshop, to be organized, easy to follow. The workshop covers everything in the guide so it helps students to memorize critical elements that they are going to have to use to pass the Excelsior college CPNE®.

I feel far more confident about passing the CPNE® after attending the workshop. Linda gave a lot of helpful advice and tips as well as great practice. — Jane Simmons


After attending Linda’s workshop I had a very good idea on how the CPNE® Was going to be. I learned how to write a care plan 🙂 I felt confident with my abilities to perform the critical elements and learned mnemonics for the areas of care. Linda is very knowledgeable in he CPNE® Process. — Michelle Gillre

After Linda’s workshop “…I feel as if I have a realistic picture of the CPNE® Weekend. Linda will help you with the areas you feel you need to work on. This workshop is well worth the money. — Linda Metz


Everything was great. I don’t feel I would have been successful (without taking it) at all and now I feel like I have a chance. — Jaime Watts


Linda’s workshop is thorough. The way she structures it is so great! I never got bored or restless. I feel very prepared and confident to pass the CPNE®. — Sandy Brooks


I was terrified after failing my first CPNE®! Linda’s workshop helped me to feel completely organized and prepared! Such great ideas and organizational skills taught. I am no longer afraid of this test…” — Karalee


Had I gone to the CPNE® Without this workshop, despite my 30+ years of clinical experience as an LPN and RRT, I would have failed for sure. Don’t go to the CPNE® Without this workshop…. Period. — Karl


I highly recommend going to Linda’s Cpne Workshop. It definitely helps you prepare for the CPNE weekend. The information you receive is from a recent CPNE student with a lot of hands on experience.       — Kathy Kent

If anyone is considering a workshop, I highly recommend this workshop.  I feel that the information was organized and the puzzle pieces were put together for me. Without this workshop I would have been lost.       — Charity Reichert


Coming to this workshop was a blessing for me, This workshop was very accommodating for people with learning disabilities. I had lots of hands-on practice and the instructor was knowledgeable and understanding with my needs.    — Ileana Marin


I was very impressed with this workshop, everything was organized, and the information was right from the Excelsior Study guide. I practiced all the critical elements and all the labs enough to feel prepared to take the CPNE.  Linda and her assistant goes over everything you need.  All  areas of care were covered, dialogue, math, care plans.   — Sherrie Lincoln


If you are looking for an good workshop-this is it.  Easy to get to, informative, hands-on, I feel prepared.     — Peggy Ross


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